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COVID-19 Church Updates

Important Announcements regarding how COVID-19 is affecting are church will be posted here. 

Our church is undergoing some changes with this COVID-19 Pandemic continuing to sweep the nation and this state. 

The first being online church services. We will now be LIVE STREAMING our church services. The LIVE FEED can be accessed by clicking HERE!

     We will also be providing Printed Copies of the services and study material, which can be picked up in the Brown Box in front of the church or at the State Bank of Schaller. 

The second change is that our church will be getting a mobile application. This is in the works and will be released here SOON! This application will be much like this website, but more mobile-friendly. This can be downloaded by anyone with a smartphone. You will be able to access the Live Streams, Bible Lessons/Important Announcements, and much more on the Mobile App.  

The third impact will be that there will be NO Maunday Thursday or Easter Services. 

The fourth impact is that SENIOR RECOGNITION SUNDAY is going to be rescheduled. The date is to be determined. 

The fifth impact is Vacation Bible School. We are hoping to leave the dates as they are, but we are going to reschedule around Summer School if they decide to push summer school back because of this virus. 

** ALL Activities are currently SUSPENDED until at least April 12, 2020. The Worship Committee and Session will work closely with Pastor Michael to reevaluate the situation when that time comes before we make any further decisions. **

Daily Bible Lessons can be accessed by clicking HERE!

Important Announcements can be accessed by clicking HERE! 

If you or someone you know need assistance with grocery shopping, meals, more Bible Resources, or just to talk, please fill out the form by clicking HERE, and Pastor Michael will be in touch with you!

If you or someone you know needs to be placed on our prayer tree, please click HERE!

To fill out the Church Materials Form Survey Online, Please click HERE!

If you would like to make a charitable donation to The First Presbyterian Church in Schaller, you can do so by mailing you donation to: 
First Presbyterian Church 
P.O. Box 69
Schaller, IA 51053
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