Church & Church Related Activities SUSPENDED UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE!

The Session of the First Presbyterian Church in Schaller has decided to suspend all church activities including but not limited to Worship, Purple Gang, Miracle Quilters, Youth Group and any other meetings until further notice.

Not only do we have a calling to serve God, but we also have a calling to help others as a part of the work that we are called to do. We have made this decision because we feel that the best way to help others at this point, with the COVID-19 Pandemic being so widespread, is to suspend all activities until further notice, to help prevent our members and everyone we serve from catching the Corona-Virus, and possibly transmitting it to others as the COVID-19 has now become “Community Spread.”

The Worship Committee will work closely with Michael over the coming days and weeks to address concerns, create study and worship materials, and reassess the COVID-19 protocols and recommendations by the Iowa Department of Public Health and the Centers for Disease Control as this community spread pandemic continues to spread across the State and the Country.

We pray for each and every one of you, our community, our state, and our country.

Be looking for another post in the coming hour or so that will tell you how we are holding Worship Services, how we will be communicating, and what we are going to be doing to help spread the Word of the Lord in this community and beyond! Also, please don't hesitate to contact us through here or by calling Pastor Michael at 712-275-4691.Much peace and blessings!

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